i was trying to remember your name (ofpaint) wrote,
i was trying to remember your name

fic: if that's the way it is.

title: if that's the way it is.
fandom: glee.
character/pairing: rachel berry.
spoilers: set between mash-up and wheels.

merry christmas, catalysted! ♥ sorry it's so short. hope you like it :)

Rachel watches them as they pass in the hallway. They don't look at her, unless they're glances of amusement. She still tries though; at everything. To be a friend, to excel in Glee Club, to be somebody. But all that comes from her hopes are slushies to the face.


Entering Glee like the star she'll be one day, Rachel smiles brightly at Kurt and Finn who are already seated. They wave nervously back. She positions herself and her chequered skirt. Listening in on the conversation next to her, she discovers Kurt advising Finn on skincare. Finn is looking bewildered and sleepy - Rachel knows it's because he spent all night thinking about Quinn's growing stomach. Rachel tries not to ponder over Finn anymore, but sometimes she can't help it - the possible things that could've happened wriggle their way into her competitive brain.

Puck, Santana, Quinn and Brittany arrive, with Brittany wondering aloud about Sue's nicknames from the other week - she doesn't understand who the first Asian is. Puck looks over at Rachel and winks, Rachel feels herself smiling from being noticed. Puck receives a sharp jab in the ribs from Santana, who gives Rachel a filthy look.

Quinn seats herself next to Finn, graceful in her yellow skirt and ivory shirt. She looks at Rachel and gives her an odd look - a look of loneliness; of displeasure; of hope, all in one. As Puck crashes down next to Quinn, she glances away quickly.

Maybe one day, thinks Rachel. Maybe someone will look at me and not feel ashamed for it.
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